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June’s fish focus - Wild Sea Trout

Our fish focus for June is Wild Sea Trout.

An amazing fish with a short season, we usually have them early to mid summer. Caught Wild in the northern rivers The River Esk and The River Eye the Sea Trout are a real treat!

Wild Sea Trout are our alternative to native Wild Salmon, they have a bright and lean flesh that lends itself to delicate cooking methods such as poaching and pan frying.

Try June's recipe for Wild Sea Trout - Pan-fried sea trout, peas & chorizo fricassée

Pan-fried sea trout, peas & chorizo fricassée

Sea trout has a subtle flavour that goes well with robust ingredients like smoky chorizo - this recipe is something a little special - share it with a loved one or good friends.

  • Prep:30 mins

  • Cook:40 mins

  • Serves 2

Wine Pairing: Dry Champagne, Chablis, California Sauvignon Blanc


  • 2 fillets of sea trout about 150g each

  • 25g butter

  • 1 lemon, halved

For the fricassee

  • 1 tbsp olive oil

  • 100g cured chorizo, about 1 small sausage, diced

  • 350g waxy potatoes, such as Charlotte, peeled and cut into small cubes

  • large pinch sweet smoked paprika

  • 125ml fresh chicken stock

  • 150g cooked peas

For the warm caper dressing

  • 3 tbsp olive oil

  • 2 tbsp small capers, drained

  • 1 red onion, finely chopped

  • 1 tbsp red wine vinegar

  • small bunch tarragon, chopped


  • STEP 1 First make the dressing. Heat 1 tbsp of the olive oil in a small saucepan. Add the capers and the onion and cook for 3 mins until softened. Splash in the red wine vinegar and bubble down, then remove the pan from the heat. Add the rest of the oil and the tarragon, then leave to infuse.

  • STEP 2 For the fricassée, heat the oil in a sauté pan, add the chorizo and fry for 2 mins until it starts to crisp and render out red oil. Throw the potatoes and paprika in the pan and cook for 5 mins, tossing occasionally, until they start to brown on the edges.

  • STEP 3 Pour in the chicken stock, turn up the heat and boil the stock for 8-10 mins until it has nearly all evaporated and the potatoes are tender. Stir the peas into the potatoes and cook for 2 mins more until heated through, then set aside.

  • STEP 4 Using a sharp knife, score the skin of the trout fillet at close intervals, then season generously with sea salt and black pepper.

  • STEP 5 Heat the butter in a non-stick frying pan. When it starts to sizzle, carefully lay the fish in the pan, skin-side down. Gently fry for about 8 mins until the skin is crisp and golden and most of the flesh has changed colour with just the top still raw.

  • STEP 6 Carefully turn the fish fillets over, then squeeze over the juice from one half of the lemon. Cook for 1 min more, basting fish with the lemony pan juices. Turn off the heat and leave the fish in the pan. You are now ready to plate up – you can serve the other lemon half on the side if you like.

  • STEP 7 Spoon a pile of the fricassée into the centre of each plate. Place another spoonful of the mixture on top to create a small heap. Gently sit the fish fillet on top, skin-side up. Spoon the caper dressing around the outside of the plate and serve.


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